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Payroll and Taxes Consulting

Run payroll, manage daily HR administrative tasks, and take care of your team knowing you have a dedicated consultant and guide in Centralize HR.

Payroll and Employee Tax Solutions

Today’s modern businesses have many options when it comes to payroll and tax administration. Centralize HR is built to not only provide your business with the high technology side of payroll that is needed in our digital world, but also the high touch consulting and guidance to make sure your payroll is done right. Below is a list of payroll and tax services we provide to our customers.

How It Works

Manage your payroll with ease.

Payroll Processing

If you run a small business, you have to keep a record of the hours your employees worked and their salaries, among other important payroll information. You must also remember to file all the necessary taxes and paperwork with local authorities. At Centralize HR, we provide expert payroll processing solutions. Reclaim your time today while we handle the rest.

Payroll Consulting and Guidance

At Centralize HR, we know your employees are a reflection of your company’s competencies, which is why we offer payroll consulting services to help you retain the right people. We help you maximize your payroll by providing the right technologies and tailored guidance that drives results. Contact us to benefit from our payroll guidance today.

State and Federal Tax Filing

As a business owner, you’re required to make federal payroll tax payments and file all the right paperwork while providing your employees and contractors with W-2 and 1099 reports that detail their compensation and withholding amounts. You may also be required to fulfill state requirements. These rules can be complex, which is why we offer simplified payroll tax filing solutions to help you stay in compliance. Completing your state and federal tax filing is as easy as contacting us today.

Employee Self Service Portal

Our employee self-service portal helps your people work smarter, not harder. Using our self-service portal, you can empower your employees to take ownership of many payroll-related tasks without human resource intervention. By providing online access to current payroll and HR information, managers can delegate tasks to your employees that help keep them engaged at work. To learn more about what our self-service portal can do, contact us today.

W-2 Issuance & Management

At the end of the year, employers are met with the time-consuming task of managing W-2’s. Centralize HR is here to help you save time during your W-2 Issuance and management process. We make reporting incomes easy with our W-2 Issuance & Management solutions that integrate seamlessly with your payroll system. Let us help you automate your W-2 processes so that you can focus on the valuable work you do.

Time and Attendance Solutions

When it comes to managing multiple schedules, the number of hours your employees work, and vacation days, it’s important that these calculations are correct to establish payroll compliance. Having a hard time getting this done manually? With Time & Attendance solutions from Centralize HR that automatically tracks your payroll, you can reduce errors and manage your time with ease.

Customized Payroll Reports

Payroll reporting shouldn’t have to rely on a one-size-fits-all approach. When handling payroll, it’s important to draft reports that adequately capture what’s going on in your business to help you document these processes. With Centralize HR, we offer customized payroll reports all under one roof. See payroll-related changes as you make them in real time.

Certified Payroll Reports

Did you know that contractors and subcontractors who do jobs that are funded by the government must comply with the Davis Bacon Act? Contractors and subcontractors have to provide certified payroll reports, and failure to comply can result in penalties that hurt workers. At Centralize HR, we offer Certified Payroll Reports tailored to contractors to make wage reporting simple.

Job Costing Solutions

It is vital to stay on top of your company’s revenue, costs by labor class, employees, projects, and more. Whether you have complex processes or taxes, at Centralize HR, we help monitor your profitability in real time. Our Job Costing solutions help you accurately calculate and estimate the costs involved across a range of projects to help keep your business model cost-effective. Contact us today to see how we can help you take control of your job costs and overall profitability.

General Ledger Import Reports

Centralize HR Payroll Services Frequently Asked Questions

How does working with a dedicated payroll team benefit my business?

We understand what it’s like to manage your payroll. Your team gets inundated with manual tasks, spreadsheets, deadlines, and mounds of paperwork. With a dedicated payroll team by your side like Centralize HR, we help you ensure payroll accuracy, compliance, and eliminate procedural errors, no matter your company’s size.

Can I change my payroll system if my company is growing?

Just because your business grew doesn’t mean your HR team has. Your workload has increased, but your team and capabilities haven’t caught up. That’s why collaborating with Centralize HR is key. We help you navigate changes in your payroll system so that you can grow and change with confidence.

Does Centralize HR manage more than payroll?

Yes. We handle a range of complex payroll and tax services to help you thrive at your workplace.