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Partnering with Centralize HR brings unlimited value. We partner with B2B businesses by helping their clients achieve the goals they simply don't have time to focus on and the tasks outside their expertise.

How Partnerships Benefit Your Organization

Our channel partners care about their clients the same way we do. If your business serves other businesses, such as insurance brokers, accountants, attorneys, and other B2B companies; we hope you’ll partner with us. When you connect your customers with Centralize HR, we help them minimize the burdens of payroll and human resources compliance. This adds value to your organization and can help you keep your competitors at bay.

Channel Partners That Partner With Us

Insurance Brokers



Business to Business Service Providers

Add Value to Your Organization

Our Channel Partner Opportunities

We encourage potential channel partners to contact us to explore synergies so that we can provide their employees with answers concerning their payroll, workplace safety, benefits, and human resources compliance. Contact us to see how we can help your organization add value today!