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Better Benefits, Guaranteed

Gain access to a wide range of employee benefits to help you provide attractive and cost-effective benefits packages you need to assemble the right team and stay competitive.

Attract and Retain Top Talent With Better Benefits

In so many industries, the benefits package that employers assemble is their edge in attracting and retaining top talent. At Centralize HR, we have access to a wide range of employee benefits to help you provide the cost-effective package you need to compete in this market. We provide these packages while taking the transactional administration involved in employee benefits off of your plate.

How We Serve You

Get excellent benefits at affordable rates, and boost employee morale and retention.

Access to Diverse Benefits Products

Want to stay ahead of your competition? As the workforce changes, providing employees with a diverse range of benefits products can give you that edge you’ve been missing. Attract and retain the right people with benefits that speak to their specific needs.

ACA Compliance Reporting

We make ACA compliance easy for employers. Our ACA Compliance Reporting solutions help employers avoid costly ACA penalties and risks. Let us manage your ACA compliance so that you can achieve the highest level of accuracy in your business.

Electronic Benefits Enrollment

Electronic Benefits Enrollment can help your company streamline your enrollment process, securely manage your benefits, and reduce your administrative costs. If your business doesn’t have an effective method for electronically managing your benefits enrollment data, then we hope you’ll give our solutions a try today.

Employee Additions & Deletions to Carriers Management

At Centralize HR, we manage your benefits enrollment and administration process from top to bottom. This means, we consider it our responsibility to help you keep up with employee additions and deletions to carriers so that your organization can sustain a high-quality, data-rich environment.

COBRA Administration

COBRA administration is a vital part of HR. But managing this administration can be daunting at times. Avoid the burdens of managing all your COBRA administration requirements in-house. We give you an easy, hassle-free solution so that you can focus on your core business while we handle all your COBRA administration needs.

Open Enrollment & Renewal Assistance

We know that shopping for health plans and navigating the renewal process can be overwhelming. It can be challenging when you alone are responsible for managing your company’s enrollment when health care is costly. At Centralize HR, we offer affordable Open Enrollment and Renewal Assistance so that you can make informed decisions that benefit your organization with ease.

HIPAA Compliance Assistance

Our team of HIPAA Compliance professionals make staying in compliance easy. We have an effective system for collecting and storing your company’s sensitive health care data so that you can handle compliance requirements like a pro. Let us help your company achieve compliance without interrupting your business processes.

Benefits Reconciliation Services

Would you like to cut back on costly errors and discrepancies as you review your company’s premium invoices with its payroll deductions? We help you easily manage your employee benefits costs every month to help you put an end to overpayments and ensure plan accuracy.

Employee Perks Program

Employee perks are great at motivating and retaining your people. With our Employee Perks Program, we help you manage a variety of perks that are unique to your business, like discounts to local entertainment venues or reduced pricing at select restaurants. If you already have a pre-negotiated perks program in place and need help managing it, we’ll add your existing employee perks to our system and help you get the most out of your program.

Benefits Hotline for Employees

At Centralize HR, we have our Benefits Hotline for Employees, a one-stop resource hub for all things benefits enrollment and assistance. We offer employee advocacy as your workforce tackles carriers and benefit service providers. See how our Benefits Hotline can help assist your employees today by calling (661) 377-2032.

Wellness Program Development

Have you considered how working on wellness can help you achieve your professional goals? With a wellness program, you can help ensure that your employees receive the support they need to continually do their best work. We’ll help you develop a wellness program that drives healthier habits and reduces absenteeism.

Get Excellent Benefits at Affordable Rates Today

At Centralize HR, we have access to a wide range of employee benefits to help you provide the cost-effective package you need to compete in this market. Contact us today!