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HR Service Packages

Our HR service packages are designed to give you access to the HR expertise and solutions you need at one low cost. Contact us today for a free business consultation and see how much you can save!

Customized HR Outsourcing Packages

Find the right HR solutions you need with our extensive, HR service packages.

Comprehensive HR & Payroll Package

Our Comprehensive HR & Payroll Package is our most popular package! This package includes access to our full suite of human resources, payroll, benefits, and safety services at a fraction of the cost to do it yourself.

HR Outsourcing (HRO) Package

The perfect package for businesses that want strategic HR consulting services without changing their payroll processing method. This package can be customized to include any or all of our services with the exception of those tied to payroll.

Engaged HRO Package

For hands-on, admin support from seasoned HR professionals without changing your current payroll software, try our HRO Package. We’ll be your off-site HR consultant for onboarding, termination processing, leave of absence management, and more.